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Designed with data security and privacy protection at its heart, MIT Private Kit is the next generation of secure location logging

Location logs provide time-stamped records of where you’ve been. By logging your location, researchers can explore exciting new opportunities in personal wellbeing, finance, environmental science, and other areas.

Private Kit’s trail generator logs your device’s location once every five minutes and stores 28 days of data in under 100KB of space – less space than a single picture.  But what is truly exciting about Private Kit is its privacy protection.             

Data never leaves your device without your consent

The location log generated by Private Kit cannot be accessed from outside the user’s device.  Data transfer occurs only if the user chooses to share it with the researcher using a QR code. This means when you use Private Kit, you are in charge. 




The next step in solving today and tomorrow’s problems

Enabling individuals to log their location trail offers new opportunities for researchers studying wellbeing, refugee migration, and community traffic analysis.  With explicit user consent and secure computing approaches, future versions of Private Kit aim to enable secure content sharing and crowdsourcing.

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